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    Opening Times

    Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Visitors’ categories

TEKNO HOTEL EXPO concerns every professional from the Hospitality and Foodservice industry. The exhibition, which has consolidated its reputation as the premier trade show for the wider Tourism and Foodservice industry, offers the opportunity to all business/professional trade visitors to learn about all the new products of the best and largest suppliers from Italy, Turkey, Albania, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, etc.. to expand their circle of contacts and to inform themselves through a series of targeted events.

The visitors to the fair mainly come from the following categories:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Bar café
  • Confectionery and ice cream
  • Pubs, nightclubs shops
  • Bakery
  • Hostel
  • Hotel and restaurant managers
  • Chefs
  • Catering companies
  • Management companies
  • Fast-food- Pizza Shop
  • Hospitals and health entities
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Cafeterias
  • Engineers, architects, designers

What the visitors can find on the fair.

The companies that exhibit at TEKNO HOTEL EXPO cover everything that concerns to professional equipment for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Café, Confectionery and Ice Cream.
The basic categories of exhibits are the following:

  • Hotel furniture
  • Professional Equipment for Restaurants
  • Table Equipment
  • Equipment for Bar Confectionery and Ice Cream
  • Systems for Hotels and Restaurants

Who will exhibit

  • Hotel Furniture

    Hotel Furniture

    Hotel Furniture Room furniture, Bed lines, Carpets, mats, curtains, Cabinets, Toilet accessories, Courtesy items, Professional laundry, Professional detergent, Professional paper,
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  • Professional Equipment for Restaurants

    Professional Equipment for Restaurants

    Professional kitchen, Professional stoves, Refrigerator, Refrigerator rooms, Pizza stove, Catering equipment, Washing systems, Kitchen accessories, Food carrying equipment for conservation,
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  • Table Equipment

    Table Equipment

    Porcelain and ceramic, Glass and crystal, Knives, spoons and forks, Table cloth and towels, Catering equipment for buffet, Table accessories.
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  • Bar Confectionery and Ice Cream

    Bar Confectionery and Ice Cream

    Refrigerator counter, Machine to produce ice cream, Fast food equipment, Coffee machines, Showcases (heating and cooling), Fruit juicer and chopper,
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